Thursday, April 11, 2013

Oh Oh

WSJ, 4/11/2013, "Computer Sales in Free Fall", By IAN SHERR And SHIRA OVIDE

台灣的  Asus 和 Acer 從一個月前左右的近期高點都掉下來 10% 左右,是否還要再往下修正就等明天看看了。H-P (HPQ) 在今天 9:30AM 開盤前大約跌 6%,Dell 因為創辦人想將公司收購下市的新聞,最近鬧的像馬戲團一樣熱鬧,價格倒是相對平穩。


suntex01 said...

I'm not so sure that PC market is really on a free fall. I'm sure the use of tablets and smartphones can lengthen the interval between using a pc and also replacing one, but I seriously doubt that tablet or smartphone can dominate over PC. I've come to realize this only since my laptop is being repaired and have to rely solely on my tablet and smartphone. And for one simple reason, keyboard and mouse or the lack thereof.

CCLu said...

I used to think the same way, but Twitter and Instagram had changed the landscape dramatically. One needs a real keyboard to write an article, but it's doable without one if you only want to write 140 characters or less.

A lot of people only consume knowledge. A tablet or a smartphone should be plenty for them.