Thursday, May 10, 2012

Micron Wants to Buy Elpita

NYTimes DealBook, 5/10/2012, "Micron Technology in Talks to Buy Elpida Memory", By MARK SCOTT

台灣的記憶體廠商除了睜大眼睛看接下來的發展外,也沒辦法做什麼事情了。這個消息有 Micron 正式確認

最近另外一則有趣的謠言是 Samsung 想要購併一家手機廠,以幫助他們在軟體上能夠更進一步跟 Apple 競爭。然後據說這家手機廠不會是 RIM。剩下的選擇好像不是很多了。Google 沒聽說想要把 Moto 吐出來,他們將來有可能會,不過應該不會這麼快。剩下除了 Nokia, Sony 的手機部門,LG,HTC 以外,還有明顯的目標嗎?


楊大寶 said...

Could be Interdigital, it is basically a wireless communication patent design + litigation company, they hire many scientists, engineers and lawyers. Makes tons of money in litigation and royalties.

Ben said...

Keep an eye on the JPM news that just came out. Is this the chaos butterfly?

CCLu said...

To 楊大寶,

Thanks for the tip. The rumor is about Samsung acquiring a software company, Interdigital doesn't seem to fit the profile entirely. But we never know. Some contents in the rumor might just be smokes.

CCLu said...

To Ben,

The biggest and arguably the strongest bank suffers like that could very well put the whole banking industry in a tailspin.

We'll see what comes next.