Friday, May 18, 2012

FB's First Day

在經歷了半個小時的延誤之後,Facebook 正式開始在 NASDAQ 交易。結果有些出乎我的意料,我一直認為他們的評價被過度高估,不過我以為投資人對它的熱衷會在第一天把股價推到更不合理的高價位。

結果:$38.23,只比 IPO 價格高出了 $0.23。不知道沒有掉到 $38 以下是不是 Morgan Stanley 的『努力』。Goldman Sachs 沒有搶到 IPO 的主導,所以如果需要護盤也是 Morgan Stanley 的責任。他們還趁著這個機會賣掉了手上一半 Facebook 的持股。

看來即使在金融業版圖大幅度改變的現在,不要跟 Goldman Sachs 對作還是一個值得注意的交易策略。


Ben said...

Is Nasdaq the new BATS?

CCLu said...

Isn't BATS somewhat the old NASDAQ?

Ben said...

That's not my understanding.

BATS was the electronic exchange that had to pull its IPO because the trading of its own shares crashed on its IPO day!

FB just closed at 38.23 for its debut. Did we see the all-time high of FB today?

CCLu said...

About BATS, I mean its OTC property. NASDAQ was born like an OTC platform, but it tries very hard to wash that image away.

I'm glad to see the result of FB for the first day. It restores my belief in the efficient market.:p

As an economist who doesn't do behavioral finance, EMH is kind of important.